Keya Academy offers home-school classes in Winter Park.  We have options for 2 or 4 day programs,as well as an additional Friday during the school year. 
After-school care is now available til 5pm.
 Keya Academy is a vibrant community-based group which inspires students to achieve academic excellence, develop a strong sense of character and act responsibly in an ever changing world.  We empower our children to build confidence, explore knowledge and work collaboratively in a diverse, creative and safe environment. 
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1045 Azalea Lane

Winter Park, Florida 32789


(Checked daily at 5pm)


Hours of Operation:

(Campus Closed) 

June 1st to August 12th

Monday - Thursday 

10 am - 3 pm

Before and After Care Available!

8-10am and 3pm-5pm

*Registered students ONLY

*During school year, NOT offered over summer break.



       New Student Registration Begins 

                   June 15th, 2019   

Summer Break

June 1st- August 18th 2019                

*Tours During Summer By Appointment*

The Nature Camp@Azalea Lane

June 10th - June 28th 2019 &

July 1st - July 26th

Summer Tutoring Available

June 10th -Aug.2nd 2019

10 a.m. - 3 p.m

2 Hour Blocks- Contact us for more info!

Math and Language Arts ONLY

Winter Park Music Academy@Azalea Lane

Available All Summer 3:30 - 9 p.m.

Open House -8/14 and 8/15/2019


Tour facility! Drop-off supplies!  Complete paper work! or just say hello!

First Day of Classes

August 19th 2019



         2019-2020 Material Fees Due

                    July 1st 2019

*Please pay through invoice or through our Tuition checkout button above.

1st (of 10) Monthly tuition Due

August 1st, 2018-May 1st 2019

*Please pay through invoice or through our Tuition checkout button above.

                Due On First of Each month

  • Please note tuition contracts are required.

  • 30 day written and signed notice of withdrawal is REQUIRED in person.

  • Absences/tardiness and unannounced withdrawal DOES NOT void your tuition responsibilities. 

  • Tuition Paid is Non-Refundable

  • Tuition Paid through scholarship is subject to a refund directly to appropriate persons when applicable within 60 days,but does not void your personal liability to any unpaid fee's accrued while enrolled. i.e. Before/After Care Fee's -Reg. Fee's-Field trips Fee's-Material Fee's-Portfolio Fee's-Assessments,Admin fee's etc

The Mulligan Kids

A 'Magic the Gathering' Club for Tweens

Every Friday 2:30 - 5 pm

*More information to come. Keya enrollment not required.

      PLSA/AAA Registration Fee's due

                 June 15th, 2019

*Tuition Varies by Student needs-

   Please Contact Admin for more info

*Dated PAID Receipt Required for Reimbursement.

*Parents are responsible for submitting receipts/invoices.

*Parents are responsible for ALL tuition payments NOT covered by scholarships.

*We are NOT PLSA/SUFS Direct Pay- NOT a Private School/You MUST pre-pay tuition and submit for reimbursement. We CAN NOT do this for you,as we DO NOT have access to your scholarship account.

*We will give you the step by step directions to submitting if you need them.

*We DO NOT accept McKay or Financial Hardship scholarships at this time.


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